The need for VOTE-COPE, our Union’s voluntary political action fund, does not diminish in retirement. Many politicalNYSUT Vote Cope issues effect our retirees directly. Vote-Cope contributions ensure that our collective voices are heard on the local, state and federal level on the issues that are so vital to us. Issues such as: 

  • Pension Protection and Earned Benefits
  • Defending and advocating for increased support for Social Security and Medicare for all retirees
  • Improving the COLA
  • Working to elect candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who are Pro-Public Education
  • Affordable, accessible and high-quality Health Care for allAmericans
  • A commitment to Justice, fighting Discrimination, Hatred and Bigotry of all sorts
  • A strong and vibrant democracy that embraces LABOR and supports the RIGHT to VOTE for all Americans including a free press and an independent judiciary.

To get more information on Vote-Cope click on the NYSUT VOTE-COPE link below.



To request a Pension Deduction or Direct Contribution Form for VOTE-COPE email Patrick McCarthy at

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